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$2 Million Dollars Motor Vehicle Accident – utility pole too close to highway causing severe damages

$1.85 Million Philadelphia Obstetrical Birth Injury Case

Physician’s failure to perform timely cesarean section causes baby to suffer Cerebral Palsy. This matter handled by John W. Baldante, Esquire involved a baby boy who was not timely delivered during labor despite the fact…

$1.725 Million Settlement in Medical Malpractice action for Failure to Diagnose Epidural Abscess

Levy Baldante shareholder Mark S. Levy, obtained a 1.725 million dollar settlement in a medical malpractice action for failure to diagnose and epidural abscess. Confidentiality provisions prohibit the details of this action to be publicized….

$1.6 Million Dollars Medical Malpractice – a doctor sued his mentoring supervisor for failure to diagnose cancer

$1.5 Million Dollars Medical Malpractice – failure to diagnose and treat pulmonary embolism

$1.5 Million Highway Design Verdict against State of New Jersey

John Baldante, Esquire of Levy Baldante obtained a verdict against the State of New Jersey for the State’s failure to properly maintain and repair its highway. The client sustained severe injuries, including the partial loss…

$1.5 Million Emergency Medical Malpractice

Plaintiff was a young man in his early 20’s who was brought to an emergency room with a fractured pelvis following a car accident. Despite evidence of frank blood while inserting a Foley catheter, the…

$1.5 Million Dollars Medical Malpractice – failed to follow drug company’s protocol during clinical studies.

$1.4 Million Breast Cancer Medical Malpractice Case

Physician fails to timely diagnose breast cancer. This medical malpractice matter handled by John W. Baldante, Esquire involved the failure of a physician to appreciate and properly respond with biopsy to a palpable breast mass….

$1.3 Meningitis Medical Malpractice Case

Medical malpractice settlement achieved in matter involving delayed diagnosis of meningitis. This medical malpractice case handled by John W. Baldante, Esquire involved a newborn delivered with a Group B Strep infection who was not properly…

$1.25 Million Ophthalmologic Surgical Malpractice Verdict

Verdict was obtained in the NJ Superior Court – Monmouth County for a negligently performed Pterygium eye surgery that resulted in double vision, ptosis (droopy eye lid), and strabismus (eye deviation), requiring multiple corrective surgeries.

$1.2 Million Dollars Medical Malpractice – inappropriate administration of promethazine

$1.125 Million Recovery – Motor Vehicle Negligence

According to recent reports, our firm has proudly recovered $1,125,000 in a motor vehicle negligence case. The action involved a driver who collided his vehicle with the defendant driver’s vehicle. The 82-year-old decedent driver made…

$1.1 Million Recovery for Wrongful Death Due to Recalled Diet Medication

This case handled by Martin Rubenstein resulted in a settlement in the sum of $1,100,000 for the estate of a 66 year old married Tennessee retired bookkeeper who died secondary to progressive heart valve disease…

$1 Million Verdict for Mistakenly Treating Patient for Parkinson’s Disease

This case handled by Lawrence Finney resulted in a $1,000,000 verdict against a family doctor who incorrectly diagnosed an elderly woman with Parkinson’s disease and then treated her without referring her for a neurological consultation….