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$3.1 Million Settlement for Man Severely Injured by Truck Boom, Hydraulics and Cradle

Levy Baldante Finney & Rubenstein shareholders, John W. Baldante and Martin G. Rubenstein, obtained a confidential $3.1 million dollar settlement in a personal injury action on behalf of a 35-year-old married father of four who…

$3 Million Obstetrical Medical Malpractice Case

Attorney successfully litigates birth trauma/brain injury medical malpractice suit. This medical malpractice case litigated by John W. Baldante, Esquire, involved a twin who suffered fetal distress and oxygen deprivation due to a delay in the…

$3M Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Result

$3 Million Dollars Medical Malpractice – neurosurgeon failed to diagnose an arteriorvenous fistula.

$2.7 Million Dollars Legal Malpractice – a lawyer in an underlying action failed to properly conduct discovery in pursuit of claim.

$2.7 Million Dollars Medical Malpractice – failure to treat cerebral abscess

$2.65 Million Verdict in Death Action Against Drunk Driver and Private Club

This case handled by Lawrence Finney resulted in a $2,650,000 verdict against a drunk driver and the private club where the driver had been drinking. Due to his intoxicated state, the drunk driver didn’t see…

$2.5 Million Ophthalmologic Medical Malpractice Cancer Settlement

Wrongful Death case involving the failure of the defendant physician to diagnose a red reflect on an eye examination of a 2 year old child, and timely refer the child to a ophthalmologic surgical specialist….

$2.5 Million Philadelphia Civil Rights Case

John Baldante, Esquire of Levy Baldante obtained a Civil Rights victory against the Philadelphia Police which represented the largest Civil Rights award against the City of Philadelphia at the time. See the attached article to…

$2.4 Million Recovery for Wrongful Death Due to Recalled Pain Medication

This case handled by Martin Rubenstein resulted in a settlement in the sum of $2,400,000 for the family of a 50 year old Tacoma, Washington fashion industry executive and former college football player who suffered…

$2.25 Million in NY Breast Cancer Medical Malpractice Verdict

April 12, 1999 – Time Magazine NY jury finds in favor of a breast cancer survivor, agreeing that a doctor failed to inform the patient of the option of lumpectomy before performing a mastectomy. An…

$2 Million Verdict for Improper Highway Design

This case handled by Lawrence Finney resulted in a $2,000,000 verdict in favor of two pedestrians who were struck by an automobile as they walked along the highway. The collision resulted from inadequate lighting along…

$2 Million Dollars Motor Vehicle Accident – utility pole too close to highway causing severe damages

$2 Million Dollars Product Liability – Pantopaque contrast causes arachnoiditis

$2 Million Elevator Accident Case

John Baldante, Esquire of Levy Baldante reached a confidential settlement in this elevator death case involving a young teenage boy who fell into an elevator shaft. The facts of the case revealed that while the…