Pennsylvania and New Jersey Defective Product Lawyers

Taking on Goliath

Products with manufacturing or design defects can cause permanent disabilities and even death. Whenever a dangerous or defective product causes such hardship, the Philadelphia product liability lawyers of Levy Baldante will hold responsible those parties that sold, distributed, manufactured, or produced the flawed item.

These cases can involve multiple responsible parties and highly technical issues. This, combined with the fact that defendants are often large corporations with deep pockets, makes it necessary to seek an attorney with the legal wherewithal to take a case all the way to trial if need be.

Levy Baldante has successfully litigated many sophisticated product liability cases in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, in locations as varied as Philadelphia, Chester, Bucks County, Cherry Hill, Delaware County, and more.  Our team of talented and experienced attorneys and contracted field experts have amassed a number of significant recoveries for clients.  Some of these outcomes are among the largest resolutions ever achieved in their respective states.

Because injuries resulting from defective products may require a lifetime of medical assistance, Levy Baldante also works with medical experts to put together a care plan that accounts for a family’s longterm needs.

If a recalled or dangerous product led you or a loved one to sustain an injury, we want to hear from you.  By helping yourself, you’re also helping others, as many significant defects only become known when people like you bring the important issue to light.

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