Personal Injury Representation For Pennsylvania and New Jersey Citizens

Providing Dignity to Changed Lives

For several decades, Levy Baldante has been achieving multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in all aspects of personal injury litigation, earning a national reputation for handling complex cases involving serious and catastrophic injuries and fatalities.  This includes claims arising from spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, and more.

During its history, the firm has been involved in helping victims seek redress in many tragic cases arising in areas throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including Chester, Delaware County, Philadelphia, Bucks County, Cherry Hill, and more.  Personal injury can encompass a variety of situations, and these are just a few examples of cases where Levy Baldante has helped accident victims and their families gain compensation:

•Automobile Collisions

•Product Design Flaws

•Improperly Maintained Construction Sites

•Unsupervised Swimming Pools

•Dangerous Power Utilities

•And More

All of the aforementioned situations share one common theme: they involve life threatening and/or debilitating injuries that impact the daily lives of the accident victim and their families in deeply profound and detrimental ways.

Just because your particular situation doesn’t fit neatly into one of the above categories does not mean you’re not entitled to a lawsuit.  Personal injury situations defy simple description, and Levy Baldante is willing to help persons no matter the circumstances surrounding their hardship.

Members of the firm’s catastrophic injury practice group possess a deep understanding of injuries and their consequences. Our lawyers are capable of taking clients through the confusing and often chaotic aftermath of serious accidents.  By virtue of experience, the attorneys of Levy Baldante know precisely how to educate jurors about the conditions that led to catastrophic misfortunes and the plight of a victim’s daily existence.  The goal is getting the jurors to comprehend the victim’s struggle to regain what was lost due to injury.

If this sounds like the type of legal representation you want in your corner, then contact our firm at once for a free consultation.  It’s the first step to putting your ordeal behind you once and for all.

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