Practice Areas

Levy Baldante represents individuals and corporations throughout the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Over several decades, we have achieved multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements in all aspects of personal injury and commercial litigation.  In the process, we’ve earned a national reputation for handling complex cases on both an individual and a corporate level.

The following are just some of the practice areas we represent.  Because lawsuits sometimes defy easy clarification, we encourage anyone interested in filing a claim, whether they see it here or not, to call us at 1-800-601-1616 or fill out the form on this page for a free consultation with a member of our staff.

Choose a practice area to learn more:

NFL Concussion Settlement

Former NFL Player with head trauma? Our Highly Skilled Lawyers can maximize your settlement. Speak to an expert lawyer right now!

Medical Device/Drug Liability

Persons reeling from the side effects of a dangerous drug or medical device could be entitled to compensation.

Personal Injury

Have you suffered a catastrophic injury due to events outside your control?  The responsible parties owe you compensation.

Medical Malpractice

We trust doctors and hospitals with our lives.  When that trust is broken, you deserve legal recourse.

Automobile Collisions

If you were involved in a crash, our lawyers want to help you take on the negligent parties.

Commercial Truck Crashes

Citizens injured by the actions of a commercial vehicle operator deserve compensation for their plight.

Premises Liability

When a property owner fails to provide a duty of care, injured parties are eligible to file a lawsuit.

Defective Products

Persons victimized by unsafe products can submit a claim for legal restitution.

Professional Malpractice

Business professionals are held to strict standards, and when they breach those standards, a lawsuit may be warranted.

Civil Rights

Anyone whose rights are infringed upon by the government, a commercial institution, or an individual is entitled to seek recompense against those who treated them unfairly.