New Jersey Accident & Injury Attorneys

Have you been injured in a personal injury accident in the state of New Jersey?  If so, then there’s a good chance that you might qualify for legal representation from Levy, Baldante, Finney & Rubenstein, P.C.

Our attorneys have been assisting accident victims with their personal injury claims for upwards of four decades.  Our experience, which is unmatched by most other law firms in New Jersey, allows us to approach each and every case with the confidence that we possess the skills necessary for success.  We want to bring those skills to bear on your situation.

Catastrophic injuries can happen without warning, and in that single moment, your entire life can be turned upside down.  Negligence takes many forms, and the following are just a few situations in which an individual would be eligible to file a claim against the responsible party:

•A distracted driver crashes into another vehicle

•A drugmaker fails to run adequate tests to identify a serious side effect

•A surgeon neglects to take the proper care during an operation

•A product is released to store shelves with a dangerous safety defect

•An uncleaned spill causes a passerby to fall

These are just a few situations in which a person owes it to himself or herself to seek legal redress, but scant few are actually willing to go down this road.  Defendants, typically insurance companies, count on this unwillingness and thus lower their settlement offers accordingly.

Explore your legal options with Levy Baldante.  With our attorneys by your side, you can rest confident in the knowledge that every possible facet of the incident will be carefully analyzed to determine what you’re owed by the negligent party.  In most catastrophic injury situations, that will typically include reimbursement for the following:

•Lost Income

•Medical care

•Emotional Distress

•Pain And Suffering

•Job Training

Once a client sees how much money their injury is truly going to cost them, it becomes much easier to fathom the necessity of hiring an attorney.  Still, we understand that a lot of people might be hesitant to go this route, which is why we offer a free, no-obligation consultation service with a member of our staff.  This allows you to get a better idea of how the legal process might work and what you can expect in the months ahead.

If you were forced to endure pain because someone else couldn’t be bothered to pay you the proper duty of care, then contact Levy Baldante today to enact justice.  Our New Jersey personal injury attorneys will assist you however we can, so don’t wait another second to enlist the legal aid that’s rightfully yours.

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