Personal Injury Attorneys

With offices in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the law firm of Levy, Baldante, Finney & Rubenstein, P.C. is unique in that we’re able to offer legal assistance to individuals from a number of local jurisdictions.

From Haddonfield to Philadelphia, from Bucks County to Delaware County, and Chester to Cherry Hill, our clients hail from numerous areas within these two states.  No matter where you reside, Levy Baldante wants to help you put forth your legal claim.  Our attorneys are willing to do whatever it takes within the bounds of the law to get you proper compensation for the catastrophic personal injury situation you now find yourself in.

The first thing you’ll probably look for when it comes to hiring a lawyer is experience, and our team has that in spades.  For more than 40 years, we have been offering our legal aid to persons injured in an assortment of personal injury cases, in the process amassing a series of settlements and verdicts that we can be proud of.  You can take a look at our Accomplishments page for more information on those cases, but in the meantime, know that our experience affords us unparalleled insights into the following areas:

•Auto Accident Lawsuits

•Medical Malpractice Litigation

•Product Liability

•Premises Liability

•Defective Drugs

•Other Types Of Catastrophic Injury

It’s possible that your personal injury does not fit squarely into these categories, but that’s alright; our attorneys are willing to hear you out and guide you toward an understanding of whether or not you’d be eligible to file a lawsuit.  In fact, that’s why we offer a free consultation service: we want you to get a better understanding of your situation whether you hire us or not, as it’s more important to be overly cautious and look into your options than to be cavalier about your injury and miss out on proper compensation.

The toll that a personal injury incident can take should not be underestimated.  You may not realize just how much your injuries can add up to, especially when you take into account the soaring costs of healthcare and the amount of work you might miss from doctor’s appointments, rehabilitation, etc.  A standard lawsuit is used to get you proper compensation for:

•Medical Aid


•Lost Wages

•Physical and Emotional Distress

•And More

If you believe that a personal injury lawsuit could help set your life back on track, then contact Levy Baldante today.  Our Pennsylvania and New Jersey staffs are available to provide you with the ultimate resource:  faith.  Contact us at once to put the system back to work for you.

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