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The term “Philadelphia lawyer” in modern parlance carries a certain negative connotation. Where once the phrase was used to describe an individual who knew the various ins and outs of the law like the back of his or her hand, it more recently has come to negatively refer to an attorney who twists the law for corrupt purposes.

Being that we’re personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia, we at Levy Baldante believe it’s time to take this term back.  Our Pennsylvania personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to get clients the compensation they deserve for the injuries that were thrust upon them.  We will indeed apply every bit of knowledge we have to ensure that an individual gets their fair shot in court, and we don’t think that this should be looked upon as a negative thing.

There are many situations in which a person might qualify to file a personal injury lawsuit.  “Personal injury” is simply the general term used to describe what in reality is a litany of different practice areas.  Levy, Baldante, Finney & Rubenstein, P.C. excels at legal representation in a number of different areas of the law, including the following:

•Premises Liability

•Medical Malpractice

•Traffic Collisions

•Defective Products

•Drug and Medical Device Lawsuits

•And More

Our experience helping those who have been negatively impacted by a personal injury dates back more than four decades.  Our team is composed of lawyers in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania who have united with a common goal to assist those who have been taken advantage of by a negligent party.  As such, we won’t rest until we’ve given everything we have to see justice enacted.

Typically, that means recreating the scene of an accident to get a better sense of what transpired.  We will compile witness testimony and the insights of experts to better put forth your legal claim.  That way, you’ll have the best shot you could possibly have at receiving compensation for things like:

•Medical Care

•Pain and Emotional Damage

•Lost Wages As A Result of Missing Work


•Vocational Training

The exact amount of a personal injury verdict or settlement will depend on a number of factors, but we will do what we can to make sure you are treated fairly by the system.  This starts with a free consultation with our staff and doesn’t end until you walk out our doors.

It’s time to give “Philadelphia lawyer” the positive connotation it started with.  Contact Levy Baldante today and put a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer to work for your cause.