NFL Concussion Settlement

Former NFL® Player with Concussion Injury?

Our Attorneys Can Advise You Through The NFL Concussion Settlement

We are private law firms and we are not affiliated with the NFL.  The Court appointed a “Claims Administrator” to assist Retired NFL® players with the NFL Concussion Settlement process.  You do not need a lawyer to represent you in this process, but we are available to do so. If you would like to reference the Amended Settlement Agreement, it can be found on the official Class Action Settlement website (, which has been approved by the Court and is not run by our law firm team.

You may be entitled to monetary benefits in the NFL Concussion Settlement:

In order to qualify for a monetary award, you must receive a “Qualifying Diagnosis” from a specialist authorized under the Court-Approved Amended Settlement Agreement to make the diagnosis.  Any money you receive from the Settlement will depend on the Qualifying Diagnosis you receive, and the amount of recovery is fixed under the terms of the Amended Settlement Agreement dated February 13, 2015.

Our attorneys will help you:

  • Undergo medical screening to help us advise you as to your rights and interests in the NFL Concussion Settlement
  • Fill out and complete very complex and detailed claim forms on your behalf
  • Make sure your claim is submitted in time to meet a series of very strict deadlines in the NFL Concussion Settlement

Having a highly skilled attorney on your side who fully understands your individual case and all the intricacies of the NFL Concussion Settlement program can greatly help you to receive the best outcome.


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