Act 105: The Most Robust Civil Remedy Against Sex Traffickers

by Ashley R. Lynam

Human trafficking is a troubling area of public interest that has gained wide media attention during the past several years. Increased public awareness has brought desperately needed changes for victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation through legislative and policy reform, stiffer criminal penalties, and increased social services.

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$1.5 Million Emergency Medical Malpractice

Plaintiff was a young man in his early 20’s who was brought to an emergency room with a fractured pelvis following a car accident. Despite evidence of frank blood while inserting a Foley catheter, the defendant physician negligently proceeded to inflate the Foley balloon causing a tear\rupture of the ureter and resulting in erectile dysfunction.

$2.5 Million Ophthalmologic Medical Malpractice Cancer Settlement

Wrongful Death case involving the failure of the defendant physician to diagnose a red reflect on an eye examination of a 2 year old child, and timely refer the child to a ophthalmologic surgical specialist. By the time this young child was eventually diagnosed, treatment for his retinoblastoma eye cancer had been delayed and proved unsuccessful. The lawsuit litigated in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas resulted in a $2.5 Million settlement.

Andrea Yannuzzi Featured In The Legal Intelligencer

Levy Baldante’s own Andrea M. Yannuzzi has contributed a great article in the Legal Intelligencer entitled “Why I Love and Am Proud of My Career as a Paralegal.”  That title should speak for itself:  Andrea delves into the reasons she finds her career rewarding, not the least of which is being there to help people whose paths have led them to seek legal representation.  She examines her wide range of responsibilities at Levy Baldante and highlights the large array of people whom she comes into contact with on a regular basis, from clients to attorneys to government representatives and everything in between.

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Judge awards sex assault victim $6,000,000

A Pike County judge awarded $6 million to a woman who was molested by a former Delaware Valley School District teacher when she was in third grade.

Calling the actions of Thomas Harvey Matthews “despicable, horrific and reprehensible,” Judge Gregory Chalak on Monday awarded the woman $3 million in compensatory and $3 million in punitive damages against Mr. Matthews.

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$12 Million Settlement in Highway Construction Case

John Baldante, Esquire of Levy Baldante settled this highway construction case which involved issues of highway traffic control and lane closures on limited access roadways. The client was setting up a lane closure on a highway for construction work to be performed when a vehicle traveling on the highway lost control and struck the client who was situated on the shoulder of the road. The client suffered severe brain injuries, as well as visual impairments.

The case involved numerous construction entities and complex issues relative to the obligations of the various construction companies that participated in the project. The identities of the parties and the precise details of the accident cannot be fully discussed because the settlement was reached pursuant to a confidentiality clause.